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Its very close; heaven on earth!!

Gaia On The Dragons and The Inner Earth

Whilst the dragons are in many places and many dimensional fields and aspects, the dragons that we on the earth are mainly working with are here as 4th dimensional elemental aspects. They are in their many forms; as water, air, fire and earth dragons; many sizes, many ways of presenting, some more evolved than others, some more involved in working with nature rather than with humans.

The inner earth is in a more expanded space

Gaia took me on a tour of the inner earth on her blue dragon. We are flying over rivers and she is showing us how pristine everything is in the centre of the earth now, very sparkly crystalline, clean, clear waters; more expanded space and full of light.

Gaia is saying that what is there now in the inner earth is that representation of inner and outer; above and below. That is where we are going to be soon; (reflecting the inner earth) here on the outer aspect of earth and that we should hold that vision. That’s why she is showing us.

"Work with the water every day in all its forms. The more who work with the water the faster the evolution will occur."

Water is a carrier of energetic of thought of programming and so its very easy for the water to take that on from itself. Because water is always in motion: from the mountains to the oceans; this movement, this cycle, of it then becoming rain water and beginning the cycle again makes it very easy for coding and patterning and transference in our water systems.

The water aspect of our earth is not that far off being in that form of purity!

Because we have had the new codes come through in that way. The dragons have been working with that also; the elementals on all levels are now more awakened because the density has lifted. Therefore the number of elementals who are in their more natural state and form, their more awakened form; then assist nature to come back into balance.

The question is, can humans keep up? That is the human challenge; to release density, to become lighter, to evolve to a new level of consciousness where they can exist in the new dimensional frequencies. Some will, some wont. But each will be on their chosen evolutionary path!

Its very exciting, very close; that time of heaven being here on earth!

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