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psychic clairvoyant reading

Looking for Guidance or Clarity in Life?

Using Clairvoyance and Other Psychic Gifts Sharron Connects to the Spirit Realm to bring through messages in Answer to your Questions

Sharron has clairvoyance…clear seeing or ability to sense things that are not physically present and is able to see with inner sight or the 3rd eye. She also has clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. You can look up these terms in the list below or on the Definitions page.

In a reading Sharron may experience some or all of the above which means that you are able to receive a “surround sound” experience during your session. She is able to describe what she sees, hears , knows and feels during your time with her. Sharron also channels information or transmits information from her guides and the Ascended Masters and Angels. This may also come through using light language or energy frequency that comes through her hands or body or voice.

“In a way when I am carrying out a reading or a session; it unfolds as a story with a variety of components that often make more sense to the person receiving the message, ie the client, than they do to me. I just narrate the story as I am shown the pictures, get the information, hear the messages.”

As a clairvoyant, when I tune into you and your question; I generally will be shown an image. As I begin to describe the image, more and more information comes to me; be that words, feelings, knowings or other images. In this way, the story unfolds. I may not always know what the beginning point relates to but in the further telling, it becomes more and more obvious and takes on greater clarity. The still image may move, open, become a movie, with drop-ins of actors, new sets, dialogues etc. My clients often relate to what is going on in the story telling; or at least the context of it before I do. It is often perplexing to me; which, in a way, adds to the authenticity of the session. Sometimes it is so unusual that I open my eyes and ask the person if this makes any sense to them. In general, they are nodding, smiling broadly and looking very animated. Occasionally, the information comes as a series of unconnected pieces which may not link in until further on in the session.

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terms & definitions

MEDIUMSHIP…communication between the physical world and the invisible world of spirit. This may be the spirit of those who have died or passed over or channelling of higher dimensional frequencies and beings, such as the Angels and Ascended Masters.

Wikipedia describes mental mediumship as thus:

A medium is said to have psychic abilities but not all psychics function as mediums. The term clairvoyance, for instance, may include seeing spirit and visions instilled by the spirit world. The Parapsychological Association defines “clairvoyance” as information derived directly from an external physical source. From Wikipedia.

MEDIUM…”Mental mediumship” is communication of spirits with a medium by telepathy. The medium mentally “hears” (clairaudience), “sees” (clairvoyance), and/or feels (clairsentience) messages from spirits. Directly or with the help of a spirit guide, the medium passes the information on to the message’s recipient(s).

PSYCHIC…A psychic is described as someone who can identify information hidden from the normal senses, and may involve clairvoyance and other extra sensory perceptions. 

CLAIRAUDIENCE…or “clear hearing”, is usually defined as the ability to hear the voices or thoughts of spirits. Some mediums hear as though they are listening to a person talking to them on the outside of their head, as though the Spirit is next to or near to the medium, and other mediums hear the voices in their minds as a verbal thought.

CLAIRVOYANCE…”clear seeing”, is the ability to see anything that is not physically present, such as objects, animals or people. This sight occurs “in the mind’s eye”, OR 3rd eye or inner vision. Some mediums see this as a still image or photograph and others as a movie in their mind. Some describe this as images being transmitted from an external source such as the Spiritual Realm and may include visions and pictures instilled by the spirit world.

CLAIRCOGNIZANCE….”clear knowing” or the ability to know something without receiving it in any normal or psychic way. 

CLAIRGUSTANCE…”clear tasting” is the ability to receive taste impressions from a spirit.

CLAIRALIENCE…”clear smelling” is the ability to smell a spirit. For example, a medium may smell cigarette smoke or perfume of a person.

CLAIRSENTINENCE…”clear feeling” is a condition in which the medium takes on the ailments of spirit, feeling the same physical problem which the spirit person had before death.

CLAIRSENTIENCE… or “clear sensing”, is the ability to have an impression of what a spirit wants to communicate, or to feel sensations instilled by a spirit.

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