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energy healing

Energy Healing or Spiritual Healing can take many forms.  It is a holistic practice and broad term for any modality or practice that involves activating the body’s energy systems to remove blocks and to restore balance on all levels. The benefits of energy healing are many. As energy blocks are dissolved or interrupted then the body’s own healing system or inherent wisdom can begin to restore flow and create healing and wholeness. This form of healing may also encompass chakra clearing and balancing as well as aura or energy field or subtle body clearing, cleansing and balancing and spiritual alignment.

the healer

The healer manipulates the energy circuits to bring balance, facilitate innate intelligence and healing and energy generally comes through the hands, body or voice.


This often involves releasing the feelings attached to the experiences that are held in cellular memory and that create triggered responses. One can know that the healing process is complete when your response to a repeat-pattern changes.

everything is energy

Just as you may not understand the scientific principles of many universal laws, such as the Law of Gravity and the impact on your body and the ocean tides, you do not need to have a comprehensive grasp of energy healing before you have a session.


It is useful to be open-minded, to approach it with curiosity and to be open to receiving the energy. Then see what benefits you notice. If you feel better at the end, you will have gained something.


Many people have profound experiences that create significant shifts and outcomes. Stress, anxiety and tiredness are often easily shifted and moved.

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what happens in a session?

In my case, there are many different aspects to the work. It is multi-dimensional healing that may include many different aspects.

Firstly, we will have a brief introductory conversation about what is going on for you and the purpose of your visit; including what you would like to achieve during our session. I will ask you if you want me to be in-silence or to inform you what I am seeing and getting. If you wish to be in-silence I will tell you what I remember at the end of the session. Keep in mind that much of the time I am in a channelling space and therefore I may only remember aspects that have a strong visual component.

Then you are asked to remove your shoes and will be made comfortable on the healing table. I call in my divine team and scan your body and energy fields; then will scan, balance and ground your subtle and physical body. I receive guidance and information about what, where and how to proceed. I see, hear and feel. This applies to messages from Spirit as well as what I see in your body.


Often,I am able to see clairvoyantly what is going on in your body. I will pass these on to you at the time or at the end of the session, depending on your personal desire. Also I often feel what is happening in your body in the same place in my own body, so this helps to monitor what is going on for you. 

Any of the following may occur:

  • I may use hands-on or hands-off healing. 

  • Energy comes through my hands or voice to stimulate healing. This energy travels through the subtle bodies such as the auric fields and meridian lines.

  • I may hold space for energy to come through one of The Ascended Masters who works with me. Frequent visitors in my healing room are Mother Mary, Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Lady Sara, Master Rakoczi, Saint Germaine and Archangels Michael, Raphael and Faith. There are others who also come to share this wisdom and gifts. The energy from these incredible beings may also come through me.

  • I may use sounding or toning to shift or anchor energies.

  • Light Language, also known as the Language of your soul, may come through. This is language that is understood by the subtle body, soul and cells. You will feel this as sensations and energies in your body.

  • You may receive activations, initiations and information about gifts and talents.

  • There are many experiences that have occurred in this space and I am beginning to create a record of these. You can read of some of these below. I will continue to add to this list.

healing from a distance

Healing from a distance is very effective. The client may sit in a comfortable chair in front of the screen and after the initial conversation may lay down on a bed or couch and just listen to my voice.

Clients in distant healing sessions have experienced being able to feel energy around and energy and movement inside their body. Many have felt sensations of hands on their body and some have been able to smell the oils and essences I am using with them.

how many sessions will I need?

Sometimes one session is enough. It all depends on what you are seeking and wanting to achieve. In a general way energy healing is about breaking energetic patterns, undoing layers, revealing causes, and re-writing patterns of thoughts, behaviour and action. These layers exist through time, childhood and past lives.  

Therefore, it depends upon how many layers are there to be cleared, how many of them are related to your presenting issue and and how you feel at the time about how much you want to devote to the clearing.

It is entirely dependent on what you need, want and desire to achieve and the level of undoing required.  Also, what is to be cleared may involve personal, family, cultural, ethnic, ancestral karma and patterns; depending on what you contracted to do before you entered this lifetime. Many lightworkers have resolved to clear on behalf of humanity too, in loving support of assisting the evolution of the planet and increase of consciousness for humanity. If you are a light-worker, you may have many cycles and patterns to balance out on behalf of others. Regular sessions can help to move through the layers effectively, as less time is devoted to balancing and clearing in a session because new and healthier patterns are being embedded.

examples of session experiences

Blocks are removed from various chakras in the body and the client feels the difference.

An IUD was seen. When I asked the client had they ever had an IUD go missing, the answer was Yes. I witnessed it being broken up and mostly dissolved and was told that the remaining bits, were placed into and would be exited through the elimination system.

I have seen many women who have ovaries that look unhealthy; dehydrated and small. I watch as new life is breathed into these and sensitive, tuned in women say they can feel the energy of that and the sensation in that area of their body has more flow and less contraction. 

During a distant healing, I sprayed two essences around myself as surrogate and the client told me the colours and the smell they experienced, which was a match to both.

Many people feel hands upon their body when I haven’t touched them.

I told one client that I could see a wall in their body and I was not able to get through it. They explained that earlier in their life they had declared they would be happy to cut their body off below that point. Strong indication of a need for each of us to be careful with our thoughts. We worked together to reframe and remove this block; it was changed in form and removed through this process of dialogue with the body.

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