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Gaia Speaks About Finance

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

There will very soon be a flooding of currency that will have the effect of ‘flat-lining‘ the financial markets.

Gaia shows this imagery of the classic ‘pennies from heaven’, but they are gold coins raining down upon the earth. She says there will be a flooding of abundance of coinage and currency coming to the earth and this will have the effect of ‘flat-lining’ the financial markets.

Gaia informs that August is a likely time for this, but a few things must unfold first. As always, she speaks of events being sequential in nature, and related to the level of consciousness of humanity.

There needs to be a revealing of a corrupt banking system to the masses. This will help prepare the population for looking for what is good and right regarding money. There also will be a focus on shifting of values; a shift from lack to abundance, from me to us, from Service to Self to Service to Others. This will enable greater valuing of intrinsic qualities, thereby connecting in well to our higher valuing of what makes us be in joy, have fun, engage in our passion and play. This will become a focus for our work in our new way of being.

The plan or overview is for provisions for all to have their basic needs met. Quite a long time ago Gaia told me that it was our right as beings upon the earth to have these needs supplied; to have them provided so that our focus could be on raising our consciousness and coming into harmony and peace upon the earth for all aspects of sentient life. We are strongly on the move towards this now.

A useful metaphor for this time is that energetically on our planet you could say we are moving from being in a light rain-shower to being in a tropical downpour without an umbrella. This is the effect of these Crystalline, Christed- light-codes coming in through the Central Sun, and they are saturating our atmosphere and energy fields. There is no escaping these. In very simple terms, these codes come in to release the density, reconnect and reactivate DNA stranding and to bring in our higher- level gifts. This is creating alchemical reactions in our cells as they are transmuting from carbon to crystalline.

There will be this preempting, this deprogramming to usher in a smoother transition. All of this in reference to old limiting beliefs, values and programmes that our 3rd dimensional world has created in our minds and in our familial, social and cultural ways of being. We are witnessing the matrix collapse and with that our old mental constructs will be dissolved and renewed with an upgrade of consciousness that is in alignment with our personal and planetary ascension.

This aligns with something we spoke of several months ago- about fear, greed and lack leaving the planet. When we do not have to focus on money or wealth or a need to create what is required for survival of self and family, then we can rise to more altruistic ideals. We can move into greater sharing of resource, of taking better care of one another, a shift where competition for survival disappears as we move to more community-based thinking and operating.

Gaia On Currencies: This will segue in with the above. There will still be local currencies, but they will be transitioned out. The value of all currencies will soon have greater equivalency and will eventually be transitioned into a declared International currency.

A financial steering committee is already set up but out of sight right now includes financial experts with altruistic vision.

All the alternative financial initiatives that are rolling out now will come together under one umbrella. These are creating opportunities for general opening of thinking, of possibilities and shifting patterns of limited thinking. The old programs requiring an exchange of work for funds to meet needs for survival.

We are moving from an age of surviving to thriving.

Gaia On Crypto: Crypto will go up and down in waves. In the end, the market of crypto will level out- not speaking here of gains and losses, just that some will prove to be better set up, with more solid foundations and more altruistic principles; therefore, they are in greater alignment.

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