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Frequently Asked Questions

I Would Be Happy To Assist You

  • Can you Offer Healing from a Distance?
    Healing is very effective from a distance. Clients in distant healing situations have expressed being able to feel energy and movement inside their body; have experiences where they feel healing hands on their body and even can smell the oils and essences I am using with them. This can occur on Skype/Zoom where you can see me and also lay down if you wish.
  • What are the Akashic Records?
    - The Akashic Records are the records that hold all there is to know about you; throughout all of your lifetimes. - They are also referred to as The Halls of Records, The living Records and The Book of Life. - They are energetically powerful, vast (almost infinite) and held in the etheric or the heavens. - They hold the records of your soul both on and off the earth; this is all of your lifetimes. - My focus tends to be related to your lifetimes here on this planet, as that is what my mission and purpose is related to. - A reading will help you understand what your soul requires – how this links to your everyday life and to bring you into better alignment with your AUTHENTIC SELF.

Session Related Questions

  • Do you long to know yourself more deeply?

  • Do you wish to love yourself fall in love with you?

  • Do you wonder why you are here, what is your purpose and what are your unique gifts and talents?

  • Are you at a crossroad in your life?

  • Do you feel there is something missing, something that you cant quite put your finger on, a hidden piece, an unsolved mystery?

  • Is there a relationship issue that is bothering you; in your personal life or at work?

  • Do you need hope, inspiration for your future life or career?

  • Do you want to release negative energies and blockages?

  • Do you want to access your higher wisdom, divine team

  • Do you want to have an energetic cleanse and rebalance?

  • Do you need answers to past life questions?

  • Are you in need of inner child healing?

  • Do you require chakra balancing and clearing?

  • Do you feel foggy, unclear, unable to make decisions and move forward?

  • Do you feel something is missing in your life but you dont know what?

  • Do you require implant removal, soul retrieval, fractal re integration?

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