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Healing & Activation

I have had two very different sessions with Sharron, and both were profound and perfect for where I was in my journey then. The first was in November 2015 when we were traveling in a group in Egypt. I had been impressed with Sharron's insights and visions on this journey and also her very strong connection with Lady Gaia. What I was particularly drawn to at that time, was her work in grounding a person's Crystalline Earth Star Chakra and I asked for a session to do this.

Denise P 

Auckland, New Zealand

Akashic Reading

When I approached Sharron for a reading, I really didn't know what to expect - I was simply curious about the idea of Akashic records. I was also drawn to Sharron's bright welcoming personality, and seemingly clear channeling of guidance. When my reading began, I must admit, I had difficulty taking it all in, and my brain was quite skeptical of the information being provided. However, my body knew better, and when I burst into tears, I knew my body had a deeper understanding/memory of it all. Sharron competently and compassionately lead me through a fascinating reading of my journey as a healer, followed by a beautiful healing to clear the area of my energy field that was stuck. I could really feel the difference afterwards - both in the ease of my body, and my whole outlook on life. I highly recommend Sharron's Akashic reading to anyone who longs for greater understanding of their life purpose.

Amy C 

Brennan Energy Healer, Auckland, New Zealand

Energy Healing

I was amazed at how easy it was to relax and trust in an environment that was new to me. Your ability to describe what you saw had my imagination drawing wonderful pictures and I got to see aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware of. At times I felt as if my body was bubbling with champagne- it was a gorgeous feeling that is new to me. Your ability is magic-heaven on earth. I am so looking forward to our next session.

J P 

Auckland, New Zealand

I arrived that day feeling terrible; ie; ungrounded and distressed - for no reason I knew of. I experienced a very gentle yet powerful healing session. I could feel the divine energy straight away. It was a wonderful experience. I got exactly what I needed. After the session it was all cleared and I felt great, thank you!


Auckland, New Zealand

Healing & Reading

I just want to let those know who may be contemplating a session with Sharron Martin to please don't hesitate. I had the pleasure of a reading with Sharron when I was feeling pretty bad trying to break free from a past that wasn’t letting me go. Sharron proceeded to dive seemingly deep within me, I could actually feel her energetically move me. She explained what she saw within my energetic field…what had a hold on me and how it had a hold on me then she went to work on transmuting it. That’s when I knew she was working her magic. And what she was saying to me made sense considering what I was dealing with. She is so warm and caring. I felt totally safe with her and her guides. Since the reading and healing I have been able to move forward more light and bright so I know she dealt with what was troubling me. Thanks Sharron…I won’t hesitate to recommend you…keep up the great work!

C D 

Auckland, New Zealand

Why Wait? Take A Leap Forward!!!

Healing & Reading

Lovely experience, I felt at peace and her warm personality and nature put me at peace. The session felt amazing and it was as though I was speaking to an old friend. Would definitely recommend her and I look forward to doing other work with her.


Vic, Australia

Sharron was able to clearly see how I was dealing with an issue and my pattern of thinking and provide guidance and insights for an approach that would serve me better. A very empowering and positive experience. Sharron has a lovely calming and optimistic way about her.


Auckland, New Zealand

Akashic Reading

Our second session was in April 2016 and I had asked for clarity around my own work as a healer. We sat facing each other and Sharron brought through messages and visions, giving me practical ideas, encouragement and profound insights. Both very different sessions, but exactly what I asked for and much more. I highly recommend Sharron and her work. I am very particular who I work with at this level, and I trust Sharron implicitly. She works multi-dimensionally and is a wonderful healer with the highest integrity and respect for herself and her client.


Auckland, New Zealand

Healing & Reading

The work that I have done with Sharron over the past few months has brought about such incredible transformation for me.. Each session brings about huge shifts and insights and I find her work remarkable. Sharron works with so much integrity, and from a place of love and compassion. I would highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to improve their life on any level or feels stuck in where they are. Thank you so much Sharron, from the core of my being and with much love, for being such an integral part of my journey. So happy that our paths have crossed!


Auckland, New Zealand


The reason I came to you is because I trust you. You have a depth of awareness for other people that many don't. You are honest and you show true compassion for others. Unconditional love and understanding- these words are from my heart and I mean every word

M A 

Auckland, New Zealand

In a counseling session Sharron helped me gain clarity with my problem without any judgement about the feelings I was experiencing. After this I felt that I had released my emotional blocks and felt warm, grounded, loved and giggly


Auckland, New Zealand

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