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akashic records reading


Access the wisdom of your own soul...

There were many who wished to come and be incarnate on the earth at this auspicious time in the evolution of the planet. You volunteered; there was no coercion. YOU are an amazing being who has been selected to come to earth; to learn and to grow; to share and to assist the world and humanity to move to a higher dimensional frequency. You can find out more about your role in this through a reading in The Akash.

I believe any of us can access our own records.

There are two main reasons to use me as your guide. One is my ability to hold space for you to access information. Many of my client’s express amazement at their own personal experience in the Akash with me, being that they can see or sense more than usual.

The second being my range of sensory gifts. I can see, hear, feel and have inner knowing; I also receive information from a range of beings and dimensions within the Akash and am then able to communicate this clearly.

I would love to serve you with the magic of YOUR VERY OWN AKASHIC RECORDS reading.

As a soul here on the earth working with the 11th Ray I have a close connection to the Lords of The Akash and have been gifted with special abilities that help me deliver this information to you. To bring this to you is my absolute pleasure; as the energy in The Akash has a very special and loving quality. To sit in the Akash, is a beautiful experience, as you will discover if you decide to have a reading.

In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane. This is from Wikipedia.

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what might happen in an akashic reading?

In an Akashic reading, I will access your soul records from the Halls of Records, also known as The Book of Life or The Akashic Records.

Usually I conduct this as a guided journey; one we take together and at the beginning it is similar to a guided meditation.

There are many clients who have new sensory experiences during this type of session. They see, hear or get messages or images in a way that has not been part of their experience before. It begins to open their clairs; clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clair-cognizance.

A reading in the Akash often brings forward initiations and activations as well as healings and blessings. You are likely to feel this in a sensory way within your body.

Sometimes healing and activations come in through the Language of Light.  Light language is the language of your soul; it carries an energetic frequency and you will generally feel this in your physical body and chakra regions. Many people describe this as a very powerful energy and are surprised that this often very soft sounding beautiful language can be so piercing and powerful.

If there is light language to come through, I will ask your permission before commencing. You can say YES or NO. There is no judgement made here.

You might cry! This is very common in a reading. The energies are very high and speak to the deepest aspects of self and soul. Your guidance team and higher being helpers come around to hold you and help you to receive what is available to you and this comes in the form of energy; usually an exquisite, delicious love energy; cosmic love, divine love. This moves us, so be prepared and be OK with that. I always have tissues.

Your main job is to relax and enjoy the experience; it is usually loved filled and beautiful. Many are moved to tears by the magnificence of themselves and the remembering of the information that they receive. This is your cellular body or your soul or heart recognizing truth.

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what can I find out about during an akashic reading?

The type of information that is available in the Akash is infinite, including issues and information around current relationships, work and family situations.

You can have a range of questions ready or see what comes. It is up to you.

Some people want to ask their higher self to bring through the perfect information for them at this time, it is entirely up to you.

You can ask for general guidance from your higher self, or guidance team or specific information around a current situation or any question that you are interested in finding answers and guidance to assist.

You can ask any questions that arise during the session.

If you have a specific question that you want to ask about; it is useful to ask it. What you want to know and what your higher self may want you to know may not be a match. So my advice is to ask what you want to know first.

Future and past lives may be accessed as well as gifts and talents.

It is very broad in subject matter and yet often incredibly detailed. I describe to you, in detail what I see and receive.

You can also read the SOME COMMON QUESTIONS below for guidance if you need some suggestions.


  • Is there a partner for me in the future?      

  • Tell me about significant lives for me and my friend.

  • Tell me about lifetimes I have spent in Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt.

  • What are my major blocks or lessons in this situation

  • What is this pain in my body linked to?

  • What are my main gifts or talents?  

  • What is my purpose here in this lifetime?

  • Can you give me guidance about how to help my son?

  • How does this work I am doing develop over time?

  • Is there a future in this…..



Timing is a big issue. As humans we all want to know about WHEN.

Although I would love to have timing accuracy to give you, I never make any promises. If a date is given, I will pass it on to you, but we are more likely to be shown this in a more cryptic way, such as in relation to completion of a task, lesson or circumstance.

This aspect of time or date is exacerbated at the moment, due to the overall collapse of lower time-lines and the fact that the higher realms want us to move out of this existing matrix, which is highly connected to the clock, and move into greater consciousness and into the timelessness of the quantum field.

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