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past life reading

Don’t let the past steal your present

My First Past Life Experience

“I remember I once did this internal journey of meditation where I found myself in a past life. At least that is how it looked and felt to me. As I looked down at my feet; I discovered I was male, wearing simple sandals and that my feet were upon a yellowish very fine sand. This was my first experience of entering a world or imagination of other places. I have since become very adept at this, realised I had a natural talent for this and have now formalised as this work in The Akash.”

Each lifetime we will return to walk in the shoes of a different culture until we understand our Oneness. - Anita


Many of us have had hundreds, thousands and even millions of lifetimes. Some people believe that they have experienced lifetimes on earth only. Others believe they have spent times in other galaxies, stars and planets.

You will have your own belief in this regard.

My focus in this work is to assist you in becoming the greater more expanded version of self here on the earth and this is generally reflected in the information that is brought through by The Lords of The Akash.

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There are many reasons to have a Past Life Reading, including the below:

Often past lives will arise in relation to a given issue that is being explored in a session.

However you may want to explore a particular:

  • country

  • culture   

  • family

  • relationship   

  • time period

  • geography

  • past-time

  • hobby

Many people are interested in why they feel drawn to a particular time in history or a specific famous person.

Sometimes, it is why they feel so at home when they visit a place they have not been in this lifetime. For example I personally felt very at home when I visited Tokyo and in particular Gotanda. Later when seeing a scene of this area in a movie, I cried with homesickness. Since then I have discovered a life as a Geisha in this city.

These are all things that can be explored in a past-life reading.

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