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Gaia Speaks About What Shape is our Earth?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022


” This is a case of - Much Ado about nothing!”


Gaia says humanity is better served to invest the contemplation time in how to improve their own vitality and health, their connection and communication to one another and to the planet, than to concern themselves with the shape of the planet. This is what will serve all better.

Gaia continues:

You may view the earth as a flat earth, or as a spherical globe, as an energetic imprint or holograph. You may also view it as a moving toroidal field; and one could say that each of these is correct and accurate according to the perception of the viewer and the level from which one is viewing. It does not matter. It is just a hologram, a simulation, an intellectual debate based on pseudoscience; a lower-level dimensional science that exists only in the reality of this planet and its 3D physical existence.

There have been many ideas, notions and constructs introduced with no more or no less rationale than to act as distractions. When humanity is distracted, they are more likely to engage in debate; in polarity consciousness- seeking to prove right or wrong- than in deeper and inner contemplation and connection to self – to one’s own divinity. This will be a self-revelation for many over the coming months and years. That they have invested much time and energy in fruitless unnecessary endeavors that have held them in constant lower vibration and debate, of issues that are rather non-consequential to ascension and have not supported the growth and development of consciousness. This of course has been a major focus for those in our world who have supported an agenda to slow down ascension.

It is important to know that different realities can sit side-by-side existing as simultaneous truth to the observer. Both are right, correct, and true.

Subscribe to what supports your belief.

Subscribe to what supports your belief. Be fine with changing that at any time and as your beliefs change and flourish. This is the nature of our greater holographic world- the existence of changing realities and higher dimensional Co creative faculties and abilities.

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