energy spa


Come and spend an hour on my table, wrapped up, warm and comfortable, with relaxing music playing and beautiful oils burning. 

Whilst you are off dreaming and in a relaxed alpha brainwave, I will clear, align and balance your chakras and your aura or energy fields. 

You will be taken away to another world whilst I go about clearing, cleansing and balancing. Your role is to relax and receive. You will have nothing to worry about whilst I carry out a spiritual and energetic cleansing; which includes an energetic clearing, aura cleansing and chakra cleansing and balancing. All the negative energy in your fields will be released and transmuted. 

You will go home feeling soft and relaxed in the body, yet clear, harmonised and energised in both mind and body. 

Can’t wait? -Neither can I! This is a truly beautiful experience to both give and receive.

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