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Focus Areas

These May Help To Guide Your Questions

A general booking may include any of the tools and aspects listed below. For example, you may have blocks removed; questions answered, a past life aspect investigated and some energy work added. 

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Akashic Records Reading


Sharron will access your soul records for general guidance or specific information around a current situation or any question that you are interested in finding answers and guidance to assist.


Energy Healing


Sharron is blessed with many gifts of communication with the unseen worlds and in her healing work, acts as the conduit for higher level energies, to bring through energies and healing for you.

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Psychic Clairvoyant Reading


Using gifts of clairvoyance and other psychic medium gifts Sharron connects to the spirit realm to bring through messages in answer to your questions.

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Life Counselling


Life coaching or counselling can help you to make decisions, set goals, deal with problems. This is a collaborative approach to meet your needs with Sharron’s counselling qualification and practical experience and tools.


Past Life Reading


Find out about significant events in your soul history, their connections to this life or significant others and the impact this is having on your life; positive or negative.

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Energy Spa


Relax for an hour on my table, wrapped up, warm and comfortable, with relaxing music playing and beautiful oils burning, while your energy fields and centres are cleared and balanced (in person only).

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