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life counselling

A General Overview

Sharron has work and life experience with thousands of teenagers and adults. She is warm and approachable and operates from a very non-judgemental perspective. She will listen carefully to what is going on for you and then work collaboratively with you to find a workable solution and outcome. This will include tools and strategies and techniques that you can take away and apply in your life. Often she is guided by her intuition to see through the situation and find underlying symptoms and causes that can be addressed and undone.

Life Counselling or Coaching

Life coaching or counselling can help you to make decisions, set goals, deal with problems. This is a collaborative approach to meet your needs with Sharron’s counselling qualification and practical experience and tools. Bring your problems, worries and concerns and let Sharron help you to dissolve and address your issues.

Relationship Counselling 

This area may involve just you or you and a partner, child, or spouse. You are welcome to come as an individual to seek support and help in this area or to come with the other person involved. 

Just let Sharron know when you book if there is more than one of you to be present at the appointment. Together Sharron will work with you to listen carefully to your concerns and help you or both of you to find solutions that are workable and often also simple. Sharron never operates with blame and asks that everyone take their part and their responsibility in whatever is going on.

Want to book a session?

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