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I am

an Energy Healer

About Me


Hi! I’m Sharron Martin, a successful psychic medium, spiritual artist, and messenger of Gaia, devoted to helping you spread your sovereign wings.


My life's passion and mission are to help you step into greater soul alignment, understand the new dimension we’re heading to, and how to utilise this unlimited wisdom in your everyday being.

I know you want to be encouraged on your spiritual journey, have greater clarification of your life’s path, and get support from someone who truly understands you.


You desire to have greater soul alignment, connect with your authentic self, and journey to the hidden realms of higher dimensions. You’re ready to listen to your soul’s calling, life’s purpose, and divine mission.

Are you seeking ongoing support and a helping hand to access these powerful energetic places, and to own your radical transformation?

Right now, that’s just not your reality.


This is because, right now, you’re struggling. It’s not your fault. These times are challenging.


I know it’s totally within your capacity to know yourself. When you’ve learned to take your power back, you’ll soar, shine your authentic self and unfurl your wings.

When you work with me, I help you connect to your own inner Divinity and guidance. You can also have access to  channelled messages from Gaia and dive into your Akashic Records with the Ascended Masters. This will help you to bring healing and emotional well-being to your body & life.


Through my paintings and guided meditations, you will be led to beauty and essence from the unseen worlds, uplifting and assisting you in journeying to other realms.

As an intuitive and a healer with the divine speaking through my paintbrush, I work with people who want to:


  • Move forward with their lives, take them to the next level, and discover their quintessential essence.

  • Expand, heal and understand their hidden realms and past lives.

  • Have greater soul alignment, connection with their authentic self and are ready to step into the unlimited version of themselves.

  • Explore the Akashic Records, work with Gaia and connect with their spiritual guides.

  • Look at their higher selves, recognise their calling, and move forward with clarity into their full potential.

Understand the blueprint of your higher self and bring clarity to your life. Transforming your energy so that you’ll never have to live anything but your truth again.


“I really love doing this work and feel extraordinarily blessed to have been prompted to begin this work in the world.”

If you want personal transformation, get in touch. 

Click this link to secure some time in my schedule, and let us walk between worlds together now!

Awaken to the knowledge of your true self.

Need help with your booking?

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