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Gaia Speaks About June Energies

Updated: Jan 16, 2022


This energy is shown as moving waves of corrugations, capsizing all that is not of good and sturdy structure and form. All those ‘measures’ that align with goodness and truth. Anything that does not meet those standards will be showing up and falling down. Gaia speaks of us needing to learn to ride these waves whilst standing and yet the movement is extreme, intense.

Be light, gentle, playful with it.

The level of decay, disruption. destruction and dissolving will be seen and felt in an extreme manner during this month-becoming visible to those who have thus far, been blinded, been unable or refusing to see. The capsizing is beginning.

The toroidal field is running very evenly and has sped up once again, enabling and facilitating more clearing and purging from your body and the earth. Remember that we experience on a personal level what the planet is experiencing in its own body and form and vice versa.

During this month of June there will be strong themes of revisiting old programmes and conditions. These may be old wounds, patterns, experiences, memories, and beliefs. You may even feel that you have already attended to these in the past. As humanity we both clear and receive in a very cyclic manner, often revisiting and reviewing at different levels and frequencies. This month may seem much like a free-for-all regarding anything that sits within the body that is out of alignment with your higher aspect. A major theme is any hidden lies; even those that you may have hidden from yourself. These will come up to be clearly looked at, reviewed, soothed, and smoothed, attended to, and healed.

We will observe these truths arising also on a global level and in the public arena. Some reports will begin to appear in our mainstream media outlets.

The 665 Gateway fully opened on the 6th of June for an even exchange of old and new codes and keys, regarding structure and form on our planet, as this month we are witnessing the old or existing forms and structures, organisations and institutions being shown up for the lack: lack of transparency and truth, as well as lack of alignment in support of humanity. This illuminating our systems as faulty and in dire need of replacement. At a higher level there is development and formation of energetic templates for our new earth structures taking place.

Key Words For The Month




The old guard is gone. The old systems are being revealed for the self-serving nature in which they operated, which in turn is demonstrating how poorly they served the people. The lids are going to be thrown and blown off during this month as the structures are torn down-involuted-laid bare for all to see-especially in the areas of banking and finance and government, as these begin to also be disclosed.

Government structures, leaders and officials are being seen in their totality. As the facades are removed, they are being shown and revealed as self-serving- And with hidden agendas- NOT serving the people. Also, many will be shown as incredibly incompetent.

The walls are coming down and ordinary people are beginning to see with greater clarity the deceptions they have been fed. In many ways this will be a challenging month for humanity, especially those who are not yet awakened. They will be continually exposed to information that indicates much of what they have been shown and have believed throughout this past year or so, and indeed in some cases, throughout their life, is up for review. And it does not stand up very strongly. In fact, it is on very shaky ground. So, the principles upon which they have created their beliefs are faulty. This will bring big life reviews, yet where this is normally reserved for when passed over, this will occur whilst standing firmly on the planet where many areas will be brought to the fore, for questioning and evaluation.

This turbulence of June is designed to create urgency of reaching for and establishing what is true, what is good, and what is beneficial. It is to propel humanity into looking for and reaching for vertical upright supports to ride both the crests and troughs of the stormy sea and find one’s bearings, one’s centre, one’s navigational compass. This is all to enable the extraneous to drop away!

On a cellular and energetic level there is such a vibratory shake up. All that is hidden is risen to the surface: self, humanity, and the planet. Both the macro and micro will be coming up for examination and evaluation. This or that? A choice point is now undeniably present. You need to choose. In general, questions to be asked include: What is true and in alignment? What is serving for the highest good?

In a way it is a review in preparation for the grand alchemy of July. July the month of fireworks!

Expansion – explosion – expulsion – extravagant – extraordinary - omniscience.

It is likely that July will bring completion to, and public dissolution and evidence clearly shown regarding medical-pharmaceutical and their role in the pandemic scenario.

This will be beginning of a huge unraveling of this sector.

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