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If there was ever a time in your life to hold love in your hearts this is it. GAIA!

Energies from the center of the earth are rising as a strong geyser -filled with sparkling crystalline light. We are being given a pummeling of these energies from beneath our feet, to assist in clearing out the current swirling energies of fear mongering and war on the surface.

Please place your hands on your heart and breathe. Close your eyes- breathe- relax- smile- drop your shoulders- breathe again. Now breathe behind your hands- feel the warmth in your own heart- now visualize that warmth expanding through your chest. See this warmth as the energy of love. Feel this love, drop deeply into the sensory experience of this love -as you instruct it to gently spread throughout your entire body. Feel your body dropping into serenity and peace.

We are going through the most illuminating extraordinary time in our world, in the history of our planet. This is history in the making. We Are moving through the biggest transformation ever witnessed and experienced on planet earth. We are in many ways amid a war- light versus dark- good versus evil. As humanity, we are given an opportunity now to face our collective shadow. This is ugly, shocking, confrontational, and very challenging to face, we are being asked to look at things that are beyond comprehension for many of us. We do not need to understand these atrocities - just accept that they have occurred. Our biggest challenge at this time, is to move through this with our eyes wide open, yet with love and compassion in our hearts. Love and compassion for self, for all those whom we both know well and, or have never met.

To face the truth of how we have been treated abused manipulated and controlled. Even if we were unaware of these horrific shocking events, an aspect of us, as the human collective, allowed these to take place.

Now is the time for us to each individually choose how to move through this time; to make a choice.

That means: "We are complicit, and we will continue to live in fear and control."

Or that: We will rise up -we will strongly stand each in our divine sovereign power -and say “No More! We choose peace, love, and generosity of spirit. We choose forgiveness of self and of others. We choose to work with the divine light of creation and hold loving space for the earth to anchor in more and more our fifth dimensional frequency and herald in the new. New ways of living, being, and conducting ourselves in the highest integrity of light.”

Do not lower your vibration by dropping into fear -do not get pulled into the mainstream media and the scaremongering tactics. If you pray, pray. If there was ever a time in your life to hold love in your hearts this is it. This is your biggest moment, your biggest assignment. Close your eyes and imagine that you are holding hands in this giant circle of humanity. Smile- feel the love- in your own heart - send it to others- to the earth- to all beings.

I love you!


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