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Gaia Speaks On Process!

Lady Gaia offers an overview of process to help you through this time. As you will remember she recently spoke of this month of May being the fulcrum of this year. This refers to it being the pivotal point or axis for change. We are moving on this ongoing upward spiral and cycle of purge and release, then receiving, absorbing and integrating of new and higher energies.

"I know that many of you are finding this time and pace of change challenging. This will, as I have indicated before, only continue to increase in both energetic frequency and speed. We are on both an individual and planetary trajectory; one that is continually in an upward spiral.

Every revolution of this spiral is gradually taking us to higher frequency and dimensions. This affects the body (human and planet) in two major ways. The increase in frequency means that lower dimensional energies, patterns, habits, memories will be provoked to be released. They have to come out as they affect our ability to hold higher light and to become more pure and enlightened. It can be very tough for all and especially if you have not attended to your inner wounding in a way that offers release. I encourage you to be present with your emotions as these are your guide to what needs attention. Create a dialogue with your emotion and seek to give it what it needs. There are many gifted healers in our communities and please seek their support rather than staying in suffering. I encourage this as I assure you this process is on going and will continue to affect all. The longer you leave it; the greater the intensity of pain you will feel.

The second way that this spiral of ascension affects is that when we have cleared then our body can take on and hold greater light and hence higher consciousness. We will continue to move; that is the process of ascension; to spiral around with each revolution being above the preceding one. So we must release lower density energies in order to hold higher energies. The lower energies will be forced out by the higher frequencies. This shows up emotionally and physically, usually as pain; and the pain will only increase if you do not attend to it.

As a planet we have moved further into the photonic belt, which also assists our ascension. On a planetary level we are definitely ascending and hence you will observe that the planet is also releasing in its various ways; floods, eruptions, fires, tornadoes. These are all the equivalent of your physical and emotional outpourings. The history of the planet; its dark times are being purged, just as your bodies are requiring this of you.

I thank you for your love and for your work here on the planet. Know that only the bravest and the strongest warriors of light were chosen to come at this time. Although at times it seems difficult; we are past the point of no return. The light has won, the dark is still skirmishing but knows it is futile, and we will soon move into a new way of being here on this planet. Those of you who are more aware and awake will be noticing these changes are already apparent in our energetic worlds. This is where the change occurs first and if you are observant you will have begun to notice these changes in our physical world also.

I wish to encourage that you do not measure the state of our world based on the news that is given; but to focus on what allows you to sit in love and peace and compassion. Find these aspects in your own life and world. Remember that energy flows where focus goes. We are heading towards Heaven on earth!

Blessings and love to you!"


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