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Gaia Speaks On Being In Flow.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Gaia: On How to get into flow

In essence; to be in flow is just to go with that flow and to remove all obstacles. Remove all resistances.

Let us use the analogy of the river which is something that is easy for all to understand. When one is in the river and floating in the direction of the flow of the river, one is in flow. When one isn’t in a craft but floating in their body, one can navigate around the boulders, the rocks, the debris and remove any resistance or fear that is within.

So that is one aspect. Be in the flow, remove resistance and then focus just on being in flow.

Focus on what it is that is coming into your pathway and just know that by staying in flow and removing resistance, it comes, it has to, it’s a universal law; it’s the law of attraction and the law of attention, to be in the essence of ones wholeness without a block and then attract what it is that you wish.

It is much simpler than what many believe. And the timing aspect, because that is a query, is a second aspect. Often that is what gets in the way of humanity. One needs to allow the timing to be in its own quantum field because it comes when it is required and when it is needed. The need to know timing is that human aspect, that human overlay that then creates a whole lot of other parameters such as expectation, which then creates a repulsion, a repelling of that magnetic energy.

In a way, the refinement of one’s thoughts, words and actions, in relation to whether one is manifesting something small or large, has no influence. It is the same process, irrespective of the desire. Whether one desires to have a perfumed flower in one’s hand or to be owning a red Ferrari, the same laws apply.

So it is that. Being in alignment, going with the flow, removing the resistance. Have a point of desire of attraction and make sure in that point of desire to stay in flow and remove resistances. It will come in the timing that is of most advantage and in most alignment.

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