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Are your crystals awake?

Gaia On The Crystals

The crystals need conscious connection and in that conscious connection, the acknowledgement that they are living entities enables them to open and to become more awake. In the history of the earth many of them have been asleep, as it was too difficult for them to exist in the form that they wanted to exist.

So every time you have a thought or a touch or offer love to a crystal you are bringing them benefit because they feel that love, they feel that connection and over time they are awakening. Many of the devas of the crystals are now awake. This is just a process; as the density becomes lifted the planet becomes lighter, our crystal devas are awake and then they can be more connected to the elementals in the earth to help the plants to grow, to help the air to be cleansed, to help the soil to be fertile.

When all the crystal devas are awake, you will really feel it and there will be a whole new aspect of living on the earth. When you have a one on one connection with a deva or a connection with a cluster of crystals; take the love that you feel from that connection-take that to the level of being as though you were in a salt cave and every single crystal had a deva in it. That level of saturation of that beautiful elemental love that comes from the crystal devas; that is what will be on our earth, imagine that! It will be heaven on earth!

Also please remember that they like to be cleaned and cleared. A bath in salt water; a soak in the sunlight or the moonlight, especially the full moon: these are all things the crystals love. Pop them out regularly so they can be doing their work for you. Hold them, send them love; speak to them kindly. Shortly I am going to put together a guided meditation that will help you connect to your crystals.

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