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"We are Becoming Diamonds"

“We Are Becoming Diamonds”

We have closed out January and completed the embodiment of our first strata of new codes. With January being a 9 month numerologically, we experienced many completions and endings as both individual and collective clearing out of patterns, programs, structures, and systems took place, especially related to the masculine aspects. These new codes are the foundation blocks, the DNA colour, and light diamond codes.

Your new light codes that came in over January have been activated and those who are able may see them as lit up LED panels in a range of colours.

Your nervous and neural systems will begin to come online. Humanity will begin to use these upgraded systems and become familiar with new ways of operating. The frontal lobe begins to be used differently and for higher function; there is advanced psychic vision and telepathy.

You may feel that your brain is NOT working or that it is empty. This is linked to an influx of new hormones in the body. It is a temporary experience.

During this month of February, choose to be gentle, graceful, and compassionate with yourself. February is going to be amazing, smooth, and peaceful or chaotic and challenging depending on where you place your focus. The energies of this month bring in balance in partnership and opportunities for union.

This month you are encouraged to move through the energies like an accomplished dancer. Watch where you place your feet and keep your eyes on where you are moving to whilst holding your body and moving with grace.

Be with what is, and focus on the best, the good, and the pure.

View with eyes of the innocent and be emitting your golden light. Remember much will change in this month. Jobs house’s location, cities, countries, relationship’s, purpose, focus, and passion.

Many people will have either pulls to the new; new love- new purpose -with love from the heart leading the way. The energies of balance and partnership will prevail.

The material world is lessening its grip on humanity as material gains and possessions, and accumulation of money, property and things loses its allure.

The shift from service to self to service to others slowly shifts into view as this navigation of focus changes during February.

Increasingly now we will notice that energy, frequency, and vibration become important; important to self and this will have increasing importance and value. “Energy becomes a new currency” develops an increased awareness in our world this month.

Remember that whatever is the question the answer is always love.

We will become more proficient with this adage as our bodies become more sensitive and attuned to the love vibration of our heart and energy field.

The layers of torus; heart- body- planet, will increase in speed and vibration as well as illumination. People will begin to “shine.”

As we rise higher in vibration and spend more moments in fifth dimension and higher frequency, time takes on a more quantum experience; expanding and contracting to meet the moment-being in present moment-in this NOW breath.

Those who remain focused and enmeshed in their very three-dimensional physical existence within the matrix, who are compliant and complicit will have a dissimilar experience as they are woven into viewing the news and chaos in the world.


What you appreciate, appreciates.

What you focus on grows.

Where you place your energy flows.

This is how we experience the new and higher vibration and frequency. Teach this to others as an offering when there is an opening.


Gaia says

Smile in the ease of your new embodiment.

Enjoy the exploration of your higher light frequencies.

Feel the smoothness in your hearts as the love within spreads throughout.

Be in constant focus of receipt of your energetic flow through your Torus.

Envision and then breathe in this streaming font or fountain of white crystalline golden diamond light through the heart, body, and planet, from Source- Mother- Father- Creator- God, the heavens, the sun, moon, and the stars.

Begin this breath practice when you awaken and come back to this as practice when you notice or remember until it becomes your normal way of being.

In the body this month:

Psychic vision upgrades will be plentiful this month affecting the third eye, front and back, and the physical eyes, temples, and skull. Energy may be felt as strain and discomfort, blurry vision, and tired eyes, in the eyeball and sockets as well as the brown bone. The third eye front is in the centre of the forehead and the back in the occipital bone located in the soft cavity at the rear of the skull.

The solar plexus may feel sensitive, bloated, and anxious. This relates to either detoxification in the stomach or energetic anxiety due to these new, never been in the body before, frequencies, lights, and codes.

Also, further heart-expansion occurs, causing the energy of love to expand and spread further from the heart and higher heart into the throat. This will be expressing as feelings of love, first to self and then others, creating a new precedent and a higher harmonic.

As we continue to purge with the incoming light, the toxins, conditions, programs and patterns, intrusions and density are leaving, and we rise in frequency and dimension. We are the conduits for this transmutation.

This is a oneness exercise, a unity consciousness endeavour. We are expressing this also in the physical: in our body’s communities and countries.


Much love

Sharron & Gaia

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