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Message From Mother Mary

Message from Mother Mary 28th of July 2022

Un-tether - Write a new story

As we embrace the new, we must first let go of the old.

At this juncture in time, each of you are encouraged to be in contemplation with self and ask all connections in your life to come before you, one at a time.

As each appears, thank them for the

contribution to your life and disconnect, disentangle, disengage, un-tether yourself from each of them.

Now you can reconnect in a higher dimensional space and frequency as each reappears in your new life and world.

If you wish you can begin with the following incantation: "I thank each one of you for all that you have brought me in this lifetime and all previous three-dimensional existences. I appreciate all the love, lessons, and experiences in my connection with you. I now choose to disconnect on this dimensional plane of existence to facilitate new connections in the higher dimensional planes. Thank you. I love you and I am grateful to you."

Mother Mary

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