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Messages from Gaia

Messages from Gaia

This energy today is streaming into us like cosmic rain and filling our hearts spaces.

Breathe beloveds breathe!

A lot of energy will be directed at your heart space today. Think heavy rain on a dried muddy puddle. The rain brings the mud up to the surface.

Speak out loud to yourself

What comes?

What do you feel and sense?

Allow yourself to open up-to feel vulnerable.

Do not go into story

Drop into your heart and into gratitude for what is showing up.

For what is ready for release.

For this movement towards expansion and greater love.

A love of self, a love for others, and an ability to receive more.

This energy may bring up a lot of emotions for release. You are being invited to address your wounds as they rise to the surface through these beauty and love-filled energies.

See whatever comes as both positive and as ready for release

Let the emotions that come arise, bubble out, and even over.

Notice, acknowledge, and thank these feelings for showing up and showing what may need healing.

Ask to be shown.

Much love

Sharron & GAIA

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