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New codes are being delivered

On the 1st of November; 1:11:11

I visit Gaia in her cave where 7 fire pyres stand in a circle, stacked and burnt residue resembling flat rocks, looking the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Gaia tells me each one represents the elements of air, water, fire and earth as well as plants, animals and humanity.

The elemental's have already received their new codes and are now dispersing the aspects of each respective stack to the appropriate places on our planet. The dragons are carrying out much of this work supported and attended to by 11000 Legionnaire Warriors of Light under the leadership of Archangel Michael.

A more detailed description is provided through illustrating how the stack of water is being placed. Small segments of the stack of codes related to water will be placed in all the main bodies of water; both fresh and salt. Oceans, rivers, tributaries, beginning points of source: -these will cleanse and purify and upgrade in vibration and frequency all of the waters of the world. Of course we will drink this water, as will the animals and the plants and the essence of this will be taken into the weather cycle. Similar processes are occurring for the other six aspects.

You are encouraged to take an active part in this;

for your own conscious evolution into unity. Bless the water; as you see, touch it, swim in it, before you drink it.

Breathe in this new day beautiful beings of this earth.

Love Gaia

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