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Energy Rain -Inside and Outside the Body

I am a little bit intrigued by these energies coming through at the moment; they feel a bit battering! The energies do not feel as though they are dense and intense, yet they create the feeling of being battered around; as though one has been on a yacht in a stormy sea. I feel exhausted!

I am seeing these energies streaming down as though they are coming from a giant shower rose in the heavens.

Amazingly infinite exceptionally powerful divine power.

This divine intelligence -these codes.

This Codex that is raining down upon us.

From the hand of God.

This purging, clearing, cleansing, up-leveling-crystalline diamond light. Surrounding and filling us; being instilled in us and within us. Filling up the spaces -the inter-cellular and intra-cellular spaces and cavities -It is like a multi vitamin tablet and has many functions. It is this new deeper level of clearing and higher level of catalyzing. And it is new information and new codices for our cells -for our DNA -it is a very high vibration and fine frequency.

As you breathe deeply in and out you may feel that energy tingling around your body and on your skin and noticing that it is filling your body from the tips of your toes upwards; yet it is streaming both up and down the central vertical core of the body.

This is creating strong activation in the third eye and in and around the heart.

A very fine energy rain, both inside and outside the body.

Let us be standing in the central point of the vortex of creation holding hands with Creator!

It is as though we are on a sonic vibrational plate, as though we are being gently but rigorously shaken. There are tiny vibrations as though the plate we are standing on is shaking us, and as a result we are made energetically taller. We are stretching into the higher aspect of our divinity into a whole new level of consciousness.

It is that on the in-breath now we may feel that we are moving into 7th dimensional frequency and we are sitting very firmly into the bandwidth of the 5th dimensional frequency with very little tip-toeing into the lower frequencies. As though this energy sanctifies and solidifies our position in the 5th dimension.

Now I see the torus – it sits in many layers within us; around the sacred flame in the tiny space in our heart; the heart space, the physical body, and the planetary body. For some time now we have been surrounded by a double torus in each of these spaces.

One torus being a 3rd/4th dimensional frequency, which spins in a clockwise direction and the energies move in through the top or crown and out through the bottom or root. The 5th dimension torus spins in an anti-clockwise direction and in the opposite flow; from bottom or South or Root to top or crown or north. I am reminded that Gaia said a few months ago that the planetary 3rd and 4th dimensional torus fields in our bodies are beginning to disintegrate as though in our bodies it is beginning to pixelate. This is also what she showed would occur on the planet. Gaia indicated this dissolving would begin to happen on the planetary level after we had moved through the shunting- the time-line jump, in the beginning of October. As we already have shifted timelines, this has already begun, so that is why this energy is streaming in different directions. The planetary body and our own physical bodies work in sync with one another. Always what is occurring for the planet is occurring for us and vice versa.

This energy rain is like a personal blessing as though Mother -Father God is giving each of us a personal blessing!

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