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As We Alight!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The Shining Ones - The Golden Ones - from the city of Agartha, one of our inner earth cities, are preparing to come and take their positions on the surface. They are coming to assist in holding the light.

“As we alight”-that is the term that I hear. They are referring to themselves coming to the surface as well as to humanity moving up a level.

As we alight into our new earth, as we on the surface, prepare for the tipping point into our new level of consciousness, as we move into the equinox, the 21st-22nd of March, there is an energy that comes in with that gateway, that enables us to begin the tipping in, a turning over into our new dimensional shift. This is significant and the largest collective shift we have made so far.

I am shown that it is a gradual tipping. Imagine a set of scales with a counterbalance and grains of sand are being poured on to one end of the scale- and it slowly, slowly, slowly, begins to tip.

We will likely have arrived there in April, but of course, it is up to us. So, hold on to your seats because we are the ones who are making this happen.

Whilst we have much support, it is our role for each to stay in our highest possible vibration, to keep clearing and cleansing our energy fields and centres. This helps others and that helps the tipping point. I see it as this slow-motion movement as it gently tips over. . This is significant and the largest collective shift we have made so far.

I want to remind you that having your focus on the arrival into our 5th dimensional frequency is the priority.

Much love Sharron

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