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Entering the Gateway to Paradise

11 March 2022

White diamond rainbow plasma light is flooding earth on this day. We are preparing for ascension waves of explosive energy, which will be very catalytic.

This is an 1111 Gateway. Generally these gateways lead us to a new illuminated level of awareness or ascension.

These energies are weaving into your bodies to create illumination at a cellular level.

Little, mini, cellular, light explosions bringing overwhelming waves of tiredness.

Go with it.

Be with it

Rest as you feel to

Be present in each moment. Be aware of sitting softly in each moment. Do not race ahead to the future or create anxiety by imaging what might come. Sit powerfully, beautifully, and gently observing each moment, being in present moment awareness. Each time you find your self moving into a future concern or a past experience that brings worry, slide back to observing the in and out flow of the breath.

Come to the breath.

Come into your center and into your highest alignment.

Gaia speaks that the gateway for our fifth dimensional human and planetary ascension opens tomorrow. We will be in these energies, rising in frequency daily, as the energies have been during this year, until we ascend and the date by which we will have done that, Gaia says, is the 16th of April. When this occurs earth and humanity will be in a bandwidth of 5th dimensional energy. Therefore the support for staying in this frequency and higher will be available and it will become easier to maintain. There will still be opportunity for those who are not quite ready to have an ascension experience over the next few years.

The most important focus for each of us is to maintain our highest vibration. This assists every being on the planet and it is when this cumulative collective frequency is at the required vibration that we will move. Gaia tells me we will feel this in our physical bodies. It shows up as a shunt motion for the planet, as earth again moves further towards the Galactic Centre with greater immersion into the increased photonic energy in the photonic belt.

Much love Sharron & Gaia

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