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Be the love you came here to be!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Mother Mary has a message for you.

She says, “Stand strong my beloveds as we are on the leading edge of change and whilst it feels a little tumultuous to many of you, rest assured you are held in good hands.

Our earth, our beautiful Gaia, our beloved sister, she holds you. She holds you as you transition as this unit, this planet; both internal and external beings; animals, humanity, all of the species on the planet, including, as many of you know they are all sentient beings; the crystals, the trees, the plants, the ocean, all of the creatures in the ocean and the rivers, in the skies and on the land. All sentient, all having an equal place here, in holding the balance on this magnificent planet, which yes you are blessed to be upon and yes, we are blessed to have you here.

But feel the excitement rising within you. You may feel it as like bubbles of champagne, rising up either from your heart or from the seat of your stomach; a recognition of coming back into the age of innocence, of purity, of beauty, of love, of oneness, of unity, of each breathing the same breath; the breath of unity consciousness; the true reason you came to the earth, to be a part of this process. Even though many of you have forgotten, you will begin to remember.

We bring you blessings; we thank you; we hold you and we ask you to know that all is love. Be the love that you came here to be.”

June 17 2019

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