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Sharron Martin is a

Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant Reader, Energy Healer & Life Counsellor

Work with Sharron to get Profound Insights & Life Changing Results | Focus | Clarity | Direction | Support | Get in Touch Today


Work / Career / Lifestyle / Seeking Purpose / Dreams


1. Are You At a Cross-road? - If you are feeling a little lost in direction, don’t stay stuck; gets some guidance and clarity. 

2. Job or Income Issues - Is Your Work Leaving You Feeling Drained and Uninspired? Do you need some guidance for change; be this in attitude, perspective or job title? Come and see me for a Career Consultation.

3. Looking For Soul Purpose or Mission? - Are you feeling that there is something greater for you to discover about your purpose here on the planet, that your current focus doesn’t fulfil you? Book a Soul Mission reading in The Akash.

4. Are You Feeling Hopeless? - If you are feeling hopeless or discouraged, please come and get some inspiration and upliftment. You can’t attract what you want from a place of hopelessness. Book a reading for some higher guidance.

5. Do Childhood Traumas Affect You- The wounding that occurs during childhood is what needs healing for wholeness and integration. Come and get some guidance and tools to use. Have a session on the Healing bed.

6. Experiencing Body Pain? - If you are in pain, seek help. The pain is a signal from your body and many of these can be simply resolved and addressed with an Energy Healing session.

7. Awakening To Self-Awareness? - You have a feeling that there is more to you than you can see or feel. Get some reflection from Sharron about who you are, what are your gifts and why you are here.

8. Struggling? - Are you having difficulty making decisions, making sense of life, the people in it and why the heck you are here? Honestly come and have a chat; there is so much resource available through my team and the higher realms, there is no need to suffer any longer.

9. Relationship Issues? - Are you wanting to create a more harmonious relationship with your child, spouse, partner, work colleague for friend? Come and get higher guidance about the energy dynamic that underpins this.









Hi! I’m Sharron Martin and I work with people like you who want to take their life to the next level, to understand the new dimension they’re heading to and how to utilise this wisdom into their everyday life. As a successful intuitive and healer with the divine speaking through me, I work with people who want to:

  • Move forward with their life, step into their greater alignment and discover their quintessential essence.

  • Expand, heal and understand their hidden realms and past lives.

  • Have greater soul alignment, connection with their authentic self and are ready to step into the greatest version of themselves.

  • Explore the Akashic Records, work with the Ascended Masters and connect with their guides.

"Oh how incredibly blessed we all are to have Sharron share her precious gifts with all of us, so freely. After every session with her, I've left feeling deeply inspired.


Her affirming words from Lady Gaia and the spiritual wise ones always leaves me feeling warmly embraced by infinite love, peace and joy. Every time I'm reminded of my Divine life purpose and how to stay deeply connected to my reason for being on this planet; at this very auspicious time. I am whole-heartedly grateful; thank you, thank you, thank you :)"



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