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Printed on 30mm boxed canvas.

Original Painting: 1017mm x 760mm.


3 sizes available:

Small/Altar Piece - 150mm x 200mm

Medium - 280mm x 380mm

Large - 750mm x 1000mm


The Painting of Lady Gaia


Lady Gaia sits on a bed of amethyst in her crystal cave of sapphire and emerald. The emotions of humanity and the planet are presented, held, and cleansed in the deep pond before her. She holds a star tetrahedron made of golden healer crystal in her hand. Gaia presents as a paradox. She is both in the centre of the earth and also supports the earth with the ascension spiral and the DNA helix; all in a new higher vibrational frequency of the crystalline grid. She holds in her heart space; the world: a crystalline sphere of the flower of life.


International shipping can be arranged unframed and is dependant on country. Please get in touch if you are outside of New Zealand.




Temple Of Lady Gaia

$250.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
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