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Printed on 30mm boxed canvas.

Original Painting: 610mm x 925mm


Available in 4 sizes:

Small/Alter Piece - 150mm x 200mm

Medium - 250mm x 380mm

Large - 400mm x 600mm

Original Size - 600mm x 900mm


The Temple of Abundance


The Temple of Abundance nestles at the base of a golden mountain.  Lady Lakshmi and Master Voosloo are the Masters of this temple and this is all held in pristine space by the over-lighting energy of Gautama Buddha.


The temple itself is made from Golden Healer Crystal and sits on a foundation bed of Sunstone.  Fresh water runs through a trough from back to front and cascades into a beautiful waterfall that feeds the pond of purification.


A crystal garden sits beside the building where many flowers and fruits grow in abundance.

Star Jasmine is the symbolic flower of this temple and carnelian the stone that surrounds the pond of purification.


Bathe in the pond of purification before entering the garden and/ or the temple to pray and meditate and co-create the abundance of your hearts desires.  These will be released in golden orbs to come into manifestation.


Further details about the creation of the temples are available here - Etheric Temples.


International shipping can be arranged unframed and is dependant on country. Please get in touch if you are outside of New Zealand.

Temple of Abundance

$250.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
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