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etheric temples

The etheric temples are temples that are held in the etheric or heavenly realms. Many of these temples were here at another time on the earth and I believe that they will manifest back onto our physical earth some time in the future.

 In the meantime we are able to visit these temples in our dream time and in our meditative space. They are powerful energetic spaces where healing and guidance can take place.

 These temples are designed to create an energetic portal for connection and personal transformation and there are a series of 13 of these to be painted.  

Lady Gaia in progress

Lady Gaia (the first in this series) tells me that her painting is to help people become more connected to her and to the earth in recognition that each of us is a living entity; and that working and living together in harmony and co-operation will change the world. You can use this painting as a portal to visit her in her crystal cave and build your own relationship with her.

Above in one of the segments, is the in progress painting of Lady Gaia in her Crystal Cave.


Over the past few years I have begun to see and build a relationship with Lady Gaia. She has shown herself to me in many guises but it is as this beautiful maiden of purity and love that she wanted to be portrayed in this painting.

Over time I am being shown more of these beautiful etheric temples, to be gifted to the world and enlighten people who observe and understand them. These pictures genuinely reflect an inner peace and can greatly assist in meditations.

Please watch this space for future developments and additions to the collection of etheric temples!

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