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Would you like to dance?

16 November 2018

Gaia's cave has lifted another level! It feels exceptionally clear, pristine, sparkly and pure. She says it is now upper 5th dimensional vibration and this energy and frequency will begin to permeate from the vibrational centre of the earth.

To me it feels and looks incredible! Lady Gaia is in her pristine blue and green butterfly shaped wings.

18 November 2018

Gaia's cave is dripping with diamonds, it looks like the grandest ballroom, filled with the most magnificent chandaliers- but they are diamonds; and they are everywhere!

Gaia stands serene, full of the most magnificent presence: wearing a long golden yellow gown with her hair to the floor- glistening golden crystalline strands.

She invites me to dance; which I do; graciously and splendidly.

Gaia gestures to all the glitter, "These diamond light codes are going to begin to move out on the pulses of the gridlines and will create strong impact. Those with resistance will notice them most. Those who have shifted their resistance and completed much of their inner work will feel them, taste them, notice them; like a delicious tasting, di

vine looking, nutritious banquet; satisfying and memorable. She sings "The World- we are a changing!"

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