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Witnessing Change

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Dear friends of Inner Sanctum Welcome to new subscribers and welcome back to existing subscribers. We have had a big influx in subscribers this month which is very heartening. Thank you all. It is my intention to send something out to you at least every month. This will include energy updates and information from Gaia as well as YouTube links and any upcoming events or special deals. I have received a huge amount of information from Lady Gaia over this past 2 months and will put some of it here and other components in my YouTube videos. If you have not subscribed to my channel please click here and join my channel. Well here we are closing out the month of May; the month that Gaia describes as the fulcrum month of this year where we have witnessed much change. When Gaia spoke, in January, of the overview of this year, she made mention that this would be a year of illuminating truth. Truth revealed from one's inner self and truth being illuminated in our world. A time where we would experience our own inner selves revealing things that we may have hidden from ourselves. This may be deep and core wounding, memories from other times and lives, cellular release coming up to be cleared. For some this will arise as an opportunity to examine and release patterns and paradigms, beliefs and programmes from our social, cultural, family and global conditioning. All in a bid to serve what is for your highest good and outcome.

What has come up for you to clear during this time? How has your perspective of the world shifted? For many this has been challenging. On a personal level I encourage you to see it as an opportunity to clear and release. We really are in a final clearing time in preparation for moving into our new 5th Dimensional world. We need to release the density in order to allow us to receive these codes and lights and energies that are increasing every few days. This light has been showing up as a whitish blue light in a tight spiralling corkscrew formation. These codes and lights are also activating more strands of our DNA. Initially we will experience having 12 strands re-activated. Further down the track, more of our DNA will be reconnected and re-activated. These energies coming to the earth are going to keep uplevelling- we are in a crucial stage of human evolution and planetary ascension. They are becoming very high in both frequency and intensity. If you are interested in more information around this, look up the schumann resonance, which measures the earths electromagnetic frequency and in my opinion has a direct link to human consciousness. As you feel this energy entering and building in your body; get grounded, centred, hydrated and practise deep breathing. If you need help with this and are experiencing pain please get in touch, make a time to come and see me in person or have a distance session on zoom. Currently these energies are being felt strongly in the upper chakras and in particular the heart and the head. Book a session Special offer to subscribers. Any sessions booked during June will entitle you to 50% off the following session. Please write subscriber in the note box on the booking page to be eligible for this and I will send you a link. On the world stage we are witnessing so many aspects that have been hidden from our eyes and sensitivities. Much of this is very confronting. The shadow in our world is being revealed, from the influence of the global elite on the media and large institutions to human trafficking and many issues in between. More of this will be revealed over time. Gaia speaks of most aspects of our world being changed, firstly through the foundations, then through the transition phase and finally an entirely new set of templates. We are currently in the transition phase. Gaia has also spoken of the collapse and crumbling of many of our systems, policies and institutions. As you do your research you will come to realise that a very small group of powerful, wealthy elite have ownership of many of the major aspects of our world structure. We are in that time of watching the changing of the guard. The power is being taken back by us. We are being challenged to stand strongly in our individual power, claiming our own personal right to make decisions about life, health, body, food, beliefs etc. Personally, I have written my own statement and then read it out loud as a declaration. Stating things out loud is a powerful message to the universe. What is paramount, in my opinion, is to not allow matters to encroach on you, your family and your own rights to make choices. By not doing anything you are making your choice by default, which is very disempowering. It is important to be able to acknowledge that there have been many dark aspects of abuse and torture occurring in our world; so that we can each accept all parts of the way in which humanity has behaved and can then make a conscious choice as to where we each will place our focus. We are now at a choice point in our evolution as a species. Know that this is part of this process that Gaia said we would go through. We need to see what has been going on in our world so that we can choose something different. We must choose; it is not the time to be in default. As it stands, we have been locked into a system that has used and abused us and we have been controlled. This is our time to escape that reality. You can think of it as a landscape. On the left is dark black gooey tar. On the right is a field full of wildflowers, with a blue sky and the sun is shining. There is everything in between. The centre is neutral. Where are you going to place your focus? What is in your viewfinder? Stand in the neutral position and place your focus on what you desire. That is where you will end up. Remember energy flows where focus goes. Although It may seem like a paradox that having told you to look at the shadow aspects of our world,to then instruct to place your intention and focus on what you want, there is purpose in this approach. This is so you can make an informed, deliberate choice; knowing the contrast, that is; what you don’t want, is enabling. It allows you to make informed and conscious choices. There is much I could write here, but what I will do is place some words and you can look up the aspects that are of interest. Chemtrails What is in our water? Laboratory Meat Monsanto GMF Agenda 20D United Nations and New World Order Hollywood and Pedophilia DUMBS =Deep Underground Military Bases Bills put through our NZ parliament over lockdown… there were 15 of them. You can access these on the government website. There is a lot more, but this will get you started if you are interested. My next question to you is to ask yourself….are we heading towards greater control or greater freedom? In my opinion we do not have to know all of the details to be able to stand back and witness the trends. Then we can take a stand. At the moment we have been in an experience of standing on shifting sands.... this can be unsettling and destabilizing. As we become comfortable with the not knowing and the unfamiliar we are now being stretched to learn to surf the dunes. Its a wild ride but we will make it. We need to stand in our own power and in doing so we help everyone around us to stand up tall and to be in their own power. The light has won and we are now in the process of the shake down and the clean up. Time to decide where we individually want to be in our future. There are two beautiful videos on my YouTube channel. This is where we are headed and what we can choose to co-create. Wishing you so much love and warmth from my heart. Infinite blessings Sharron

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