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What are your innermost secrets and what will be revealed?

Soul Stories 9 August 2018


We are headed to the last of the three eclipses that have transpired in our skies over the last six weeks!

Eclipses are said to bring in the energies that reveal that which is hidden.

There used to be a time when I believed in astrology in a general kind of way. As I have become more interested in this vast field, I have become increasingly convinced that these energies that come with the various astrological alignments and configurations, play a major role in how we are both affected and effected on the earth.

Both in a personal way and in the way things play out on the world stage.

For a long time, I have believed that a time would come where much that has been hidden under the carpet would become public knowledge. We have witnessed many examples of such reveals in recent years.

Now however, I believe that in the next 6-12 months or so, much more will be uncovered.

In my opinion, we will be surprised at the level of manipulation that has existed in our world, related to; the money market, the environment, knowledge of other civilisations and more.

What is even more important is how this might affect each of us on a personal level, or in our family groups.

Following are examples of what might be revealed and uncovered.

  • You may discover deeply compressed grief that arises as anger … out of nowhere!

  • For some of us, scars and blemishes may appear - without explanation.

  • Tears and loud sobbing may bubble up and out, without warning.

  • Pains and cramps that have no known cause, just arrive and present themselves.

  • Flashes of memories of past events from past lifetimes may show up.

These and many more instances may jump up and surprise you!

This is a time when

we are clearing old memories, patterning, pain and other blocks from our cells: both physical and emotional aspects from this and previous lifetimes. All this in preparation for our bodies to absorb and hold higher vibrational light as humanity moves into higher levels of consciousness.

I encourage you to be the observer; notice the feelings, acknowledge them, thank them and ask that your higher wisdom guide you to deal with your feelings in the best way possible for you.

book a session into the Akashic Records with me today and I will guide you with answers - giving greater healing and understanding and bringing clarity and balance to your life.

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