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We are further into the Photonic Belt!

Gaia is showing that the planet is being overlaid with a whole new set of sacred geometries. We have the star tetrahedron, we have a cluster and asterisk of light rays that radiate out from the centre of the planet in strong three-dimensionality. There are also pyramids that rotate within the energetic nature of the planet; there are seven three-dimensional pyramidal forms that are rotating through the planet bringing about change and stability, forming new foundations. So new energetic imprints creating new foundations.

We are at this choice point. What is it that we want to have leaving here? What is it that we want to bring completion and endings to; on both a personal level and a planetary level? And what is it that we intend to be, do, have, want, to create in our self, in our people constellations, in our country and in our world?

What is it that you wish? Do not be concerned about the how; just the what.

And I'm being shown that this planet is moving through the galaxy again. It’s finding a new point at which to stabilize in this new frequency which is further into the photonic belt.

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