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We are co-creating Heaven On Earth!

Remember the old 3D matrix has gone and we are moving into co-creating paradise, heaven on earth.

We are bringing in new divine light, new divine love, and new codes of light. These will be flushing through our crystalline strands, as more of our 12 strands of 5th dimensional DNA are reconnected, reactivated, and fired up.

It is time to come home to self. Allow any conditions that are limiting, or that hold greed, anxiety, control, guilt, fear, or shame to be released. Let go of any beliefs, programs, or paradigms that hold us in lower dimensional aspects. We invite them to leave as we come into our divine love, and home to self; home to our own wholeness and divinity. We invite connection to our divine missions and to those who are a part of that.

All of this comes in as service to others: to Gaia, to humanity, and in co-creation of our new work paradigms.

We are strengthening our personal toroidal fields and energy centers and on a collective level are past the point of no return.

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