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We are being attuned!

June blog notes 2024

In the month of June, we begin to complete purification and release of the old systems and structures from humanity and the planet, and readiness for integration and embodiment of the higher, higher codes, gifts, and talents.

Check in with self for any releasing required of old wounds, traumas, and patterns. Examples of these may be unworthiness, anxiety, depression, abandonment, abuse, separation, victim-hood, or bullying.

Gaia sits in stillness in the inner earth, holding many threads that connect to the outer earth. These behave as extra sensors to what is occurring, and she has the ability to pull on the threads to invoke change.

The balance points and equilibrium tethers are under continual surveillance. There is great excitement at this point yet there is a serious job to be done.

The outer portals are breathing wider, the planet is breathing more deeply, expansion is still occurring as we all take on higher frequencies and these frequencies penetrate more deeply.

Whilst the planet expands through the tectonic plates, creating the volcanic and earthquake activity spoken of at an earlier time, humanity is having an expansion through the spine. Ultimately this has been shown to me as an increase in our overall height, initially of 33mm. I do not have the time frame for that, but the process has begun.

This is a time for being in stillness of the heart and yet finding fulfillment, peace, joy, and laughter, as more of the collective of humanity climbs the ascension spiral.  Ascension occurs through the act of healing, clearing and dissolution of the old; the density, the recognition of what is not right and true comes to the fore, and then integration of the higher frequencies brings about greater DNA activation. The first wavers arise through the activation of up to 12 strands (initially) of DNA. This impacts the rest of the collective which then activates more of

the collective to awaken.

Inner earth is abuzz with a hive of activity. The balance points and equilibrium tethers are under continual surveillance. Whilst there is a sense of great excitement at this point there is still a serious job to be completed.

Imagine being the person who is tuning the instrument, and that instrument is planet earth.

That person carrying out the tuning knows they're going to reach new notes, new heights, new sounds and frequencies.

These frequencies will be heard and will delight your heart. They might be new octaves, but they are coming in and this is the beginning time of the meeting of the souls, the meeting of the minds, and the meeting of the frequencies.

Soul groups, partnerships, and twin dynamics are connecting.

This is a time for being in stillness of the heart, and yet finding fulfillment, peace, joy, and laughter.  As more of humanity climbs the ascensions spiral, the integration of these higher frequencies and activation of DNA impacts the rest of humanity to awaken.

So much love to you

Sharron of Gaia

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