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This cave is on fire!

28 05 2019

Gaia’s cave is on fire this morning.

This is a total purging total re-set Phoenix Rising preparation. We just stand there with Gaia watching this giant orange glow; there is very little smoke, the cave is super bright and the whole cave is filled with licking orange flames.

We’re standing there and Gaia says “time to begin anew, time to begin the next phase in our work together. As we stand here watching as the flames reduce and then die out, the gnomes come out with their hoses and wash it all down. Oh, my goodness the crystals are so sparkling. It’s incredible!

What is interesting is that I was watching as they were sweeping and gathering the residue together in a pile and I thought, Oh! Are they going to sweep that into the pond? I was concerned. They gathered it all together and then as they swept it in all the water elements came up in this vertical spiralling vortex and picked it up and gathered it and transmuted it. All such a beautiful inter- connection of all the elements.

Interestingly in the cave now, on the floor, is what resembles a giant compass. It is laid into the floor, as in the top layer of the amethyst, similar to a mosaic, and appears to have the ability to rotate. It appears to me that it is not yet complete so it will be interesting to learn more about this.

Gaia says “This represents a new trajectory projection!”

In her normal seated position on her amethyst platform I want to say that the needle on the compass representing North points at what would be 12:02 on the clock. So, it is all being reset. I am wondering if it is to do with the pole reset and Gaia. That is all I got for today.

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