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These Codes are still arriving!

My info from Gaia yesterday was that we would be receiving codes and light packets- from and through plasmic light that looked like refracted soft rainbow light and yet held a strong intensity of colour- to begin opening of the higher mind consciousness that is permeating the atmosphere -enabling more humans to pierce the veils of forgetfulness on the lower dimensional planes. Those operating in the higher dimensional aspects are accessing and integrating key-codes and lights; bringing in layers of information and memories from multi-dimensional aspects of self -and will continue to bring in the new templates for structures and systems and to create new ways of thinking and processing in the higher mind- to then anchor these in to new earth.

On a daily level; every aspect of energy is accelerating in: speed, quantity, and intensity, affecting all sentient beings and the planet itself. All systems and structure are simultaneously being dissolved: cleaned out, squeezed, and purged, so that higher, clearer, cleaner and more purified energies can be laid in.

Much love Sharron & Gaia

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