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The World Weeps

The world weeps as it creates it's own catharsis to purify and heal in readiness for its new emergence and it's higher dimensional crystalline state. These energies are pumping-they are designed to have an impact to move things along -to create the momentum of change. Think "good quality bicycle pump". This is the energetic effect through the center of the Torus- all of the Torus' and this is designed to get movement through “stuck ways of being and viewing".

We have been through the energies above these earlier energies and smoothing energies now in readiness for the new much has been cleared out on both an energetic and physical level the matrix dissolved truth illumined -veils lifted now time for all to be laid bare stark reality shows up a clearing of the decks all can be seen like truth and lies Drop the 3 D cloaks of fear and worry and anxiety what do you know? what will you learn?

Sharron and Gaia on last few days of November energies.

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