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The grid-lines are changing and so are you!

Gaia says the grid-lines are being re-arranged today- Friday 29 March 2019. This is overseen by Gaia and The Planetary Council and instigated by the dragons.

The grid-lines are being lifted further away from the physical earth and being broken into crescent shaped segments so that they can move independently and even cross over one another. This is all linked to the collapse and merging of timelines and grid-lines as we reset for the new earth.

This flexibility of lay-out and configuration in the grid-lines allows for smoother transitions.

Over the next 6 months the grid-lines will move incrementally and readjust. This is to hold frequency and creates alignment in various shifts and tangents. Yes, each segment can expand, move further away from the planet and overlay other segments, partially or wholly, depending upon need. Need, says Gaia, is related to geographical density, human suffering and the need for release of all of this. These grid-lines act as both magnets and as stabilisers. The magnetic effect she showed as drawing the density out of the physical human body and the physical earth.

Gaia explains that on a human level, we are merging our multi-dimensional aspects and that our human physical form is part of that. It is the physical form that currently has the most work to do.

Sooooo, keep up your grounding practices:- this is crucial! Bare-feet on the ground. Connect in to the cave of Gaia and her heart.

Focus on staying in the present moment, aspiring to be in your highest vibration so you can call in and integrate the highest aspects of self.

Let all the old go!

We are bringing in the new and so we must release the past and all that goes with it!

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