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Rats and Mice and Gnomes

This is very important information and yet is full of bits and pieces (aka rats and mice).

The inner earth is cleaner and clearer and again more expanded and filled with light. The rainbow plasmic light is less condensed now with a more ethereal appearance; it is very fine, with a high frequency and vibration, it makes me feel full of bliss, I feel amazing.

Gaia is saying “Its about expanding into these newer energies; to reach for them and pull them in with the breath and then pull ourselves into those new energies. It is a two-step process: breathe in that rainbow plasmic light into your body and into your energetic field and then be absorbed into the light itself. Continue these two steps and just feel the light and the expansion in your body and the high level of frequency that comes with that."

Gaia also says that "Human kind needs to change the way in which we perceive nature. We need to interact with nature and treat nature as in 'being with it or alongside it, rather than separate to it'. There are definitely attitudinal shifts and actionable changes that need to take place in the way in which humans are with nature. However we must also know that nature is sustaining itself, from a higher dimensional aspect that balance is landing."

Gaias' cave is full of gnomes. They are going to be working with us. The fairies are bringing in new templates to the earth, particularly for new plant life and then it is the gnomes’ responsibility to anchor those templates into the earth. The gnomes are also anchoring the new templates for new crystalline structures and some new templates for the earth, as in the dirt or soil, for that agricultural aspect of the earth.

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