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Prepare For Birthing!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Dear friends of Inner Sanctum It is with much love and joy in my heart that I welcome new and existing subscribers to The Messenger in 2020. This year is going to bring much change in our world. Gaia tells me that this new light is so illuminating of the truth that much will be revealed. Some of it will be shocking! We will witness more and more; often ugly and challenging; situations and issues as the veils come off and the truth is uncovered. Already we are seeing this trend. Although it can be difficult, I encourage you to view all of this with detachment. It is not a matter of having a lack of compassion; it is that keeping your vibration high is the best service you can give to both your own evolution and to that of humanity and the planet.. Be compassionate through your beautiful heart without creating or being pulled into drama. Also be aware that there is a lot of false news that is designed to create fear and lower vibration. The manipulation and control of our news will be another area that is uncovered this during this year. The truth, painful at times, will set us free! We will also continue to witness weather patterns that are assisting the planet in removing its density of old pain and memories. All the violence and blood shed, oppression and destruction of mother earth has to be cleared out also. On a personal level you are likely to be going through your own ascension process. Essentially, this involves clearing out our physical, emotional and mental bodies so that we may hold more light and greater consciousness. This may take the form of physical pain in many different parts of the body. Each of us will be different and will have our own experience of this. Remember that no one is better or faster than anyone else. Each of us came with our own plan for personal growth and for how we would contribute to the overall ascension cycle of the planet. You may feel very tired, even exhausted. There may be emotional disturbances or memories of past events and situations. This may show up as varying emotions or as tears. A general rule is, if you are unsure then check in with your medical or natural practitioner. I am going to record a video about this ascension process some time very soon. Some general guidelines for getting through this time are; stay present, be allowing and accepting of what is going on. That is, try to offer little resistance, be in flow. Breathe deeply into the body, rest when needed. Keep grounding into the earth by walking on it in your bare feet. Remember to stay hydrated, to spend time in nature; to avoid toxins and eat well. In general this means fresh and organic when possible. Be mindful, be present and feel the feelings as we move more and more into joy and lightness of being. Use your heart as your guide. Smile; it is all going to be amazing! We are heading to paradise on earth! More people are coming to see me in order to receive information about their mission and purpose. There is also a lot of interest in the way past lives are affecting people in their relationships, work and health. Also many of us are needing to clear out blocks in our chakra centres at this time. Anyway I'm here if you need me. You can come in person or we can do a session on line (zoom) or by phone, if you wish. I am also offering a free 15 minutes introductory phone chat; if any of you wish to take advantage of that. It's a nice way to get to know me and feel into whether or not you might want to work with me. Some people even get their question answered in that time. I would really appreciate any feedback you wish to give about the value of this newsletter. Wishing you a magical February and much love Infinite blessings Sharron

New light -New year!

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