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ON Time

Time Flies By (Paint by Sharron Martin)
Time Flies By (Paint by Sharron Martin)

Tiz time to know that all is fine

The knowledge that’s required mine.

Already there, tucked close within

That is what comes when all is din (done).

Overview and close-up specs

Details in and notes are treks

From time and space to another

A face, a place, a floating lover.

Your life unfolds in many ways

In time and bubbles of shifting phase.

The multiverses alter rhyme

As planets hence do change the mime.

The play on earth revealing roles

But human suffering has been the toll

A self-infliction, an ignorant view

To believe that it is all about you.

In self we grow to new awares,

To taste the taste of other spheres

To float, to flit in atmospheres.

The veils lift to move dimension

This can all happen in milliseconds.

A nano time and split dimension

Wondering how? Well –just intention

And so to time, which disappears,

a broken lapse, a cellular tear,

a wall of fabric becomes sheer.

A tapestry of threads in time

That weaves the worlds of yours and mine.

In sitting down in meditation

The mind can close on contemplation.

This will guide all to the place

Where moments collide and end the race

To beat the clock as the succession

Ends the cycle of precession

And all the moments come to a point of place

In which they meet in oh such grace.

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