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ON Journey Into Self

Dream Your Life And Live Your Dream - Creative Visualisation CD by Sharron Martin
Dream Your Life And Live Your Dream - Creative Visualisation CD by Sharron Martin

As I drop through my crown and down through my head

That light filled cavity with its brain in its bed

Shines the way to the throat as it contracts and expands

And propels me earthward to the heart and its band

The musical symphony as this organ and pipes

Welcomes me in with a squeal of delight.

It kisses me gently and caresses me so

As I gently observe the ease and the flow

Of the energies found here, they are bright and so clear

And the feelings of love are ever so near

I am beckoned closer and dive into the midst

Of the heart and its swollen horizon of mist

It’s a gentle release, I let go and surrender

A soft fall of recipient down into sender

This place where the beauty of self is created

The seat of the realm where the pain is abated

A glorious site of a wondrous space

Filled with peace and delight and magnificent grace

In this place in my heart that is sacred and mine

I commune with myself and the world of divine

It is here that I sit and converse all with God

My highs and my lows and the sky and the sod

It’s the place where I can always be brutally frank

About the big and the small and the sweet and the dank

I can be witnessed for all and know that I am heard

Without judgement on action or thought, deed or word

I can snuggle up small into fetal position

And cry and be victim all without derision

I can gloat I can share I can sing I can shout

And know that my God will sit and hear me out

As I process all issues and visions and dreams

To the one I connect with at all times, it seems

So my heart it can provide all of this and of that

And then more for me as I sink to the mat

And crawl into my cave; it’s an amethyst geode

My own private sanctuary and inner heart abode

From this place I can find all that I require

My wants and my needs and any desire

The search for all things can be found here and more

To sustain me in life and on wings that I soar

To create all the reasons I came to this earth

To assist in the time of ascension and birth

Of our world as each of us rise up to the heights

of our soul and our purpose, and to increase our light

We seek our biggest version of self

To assist in this planet moving into the wealth

Of a brand new dimension and wisdom untold

We can look to our monad and watch it unfold

It is down in this sparkly safe loving place

I can check in on self and get out of the race

I can ask my heart directly “what do you need?”

And ensure that I give it sustenance and feed

So that joy and abundance can expand and alight

To bring me to the place of smiles and laughter delight

I can visit the ocean, I can feel the breeze

Smell the flowers, feel the forest leaves on the trees

I can fill up my heart with whatever I need

In the quantities chosen from this place that I see

So clearly from within the confines of my heart

I can go anywhere and can play any part

It’s the power of me, my soul and imagination

That I am free in this place to create with vibration

For in my funny old world that I only can see

I create, end and expand with universal energy

It’s my pleasure to share with you my sacred heart

And the love, joy and grace as I close and depart

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