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ON Beauty

The radiance upon your face

Tableau 2 (Painting by Sharron Martin)
Tableau 2 (Painting by Sharron Martin)

Beautific smile; God’s own grace

Sparkling eyes and deep, deep pools

Of light and glistening royal jewels

I gaze upon, I’m drawn, I fall

Into your eyes, beyond the wall

Of physical and grand illusion

Into the place of no-confusion

Beyond the mind and to the heart

I travel gently to this part

That holds a greater piece of beauty

The undulating folds of purity

Sitting quietly in the centre

A place of power and personal mentor

A vastness that holds all things known

The seat of wisdom and the throne

From which all things of life and matter

Can be gleaned without the scatter

Of one’s thoughts- the constant chatter.

It is in here, in that internal chalice

Where one can travel from Mars to Telos

To witness wonder, love and unity

Connection to multi-dimensionality

A quantum particle- a thought

Takes travel to places often sought

For peace, for absolute serenity

A touch-stone to hope for humanity

From heart we can both see and feel

The past and future movie reel

Where wonder, awe and gentle passion

Join in union with compassion

For one another; soul and human

Finds connection- then recognition

That beauty lies in how we view

All that is within me and you.

The power of coming to the place

That beauty is beyond the face

That when we let go and trust, surrender

We discover a point that is so tender

And here we sit and truly know

That beauty is found wherever we go

That I am you and you are me

We are beauty full in unity.

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