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New grid patterns/pulse in Inner Earth

Gaia tells me "Our inner world is opening up and awakening to a new level. We will have more interstellar travellers and visitors in the near future as the density of the planet makes us a more gentle destination; and also there is much curiosity to have a closer look at this beautiful planet and its inhabitants. We are heading to wondrous times dears."

Gaia shows the grid lines now as the vibrational pulse of the earth with a 5 beat pulse incorporating a bzz bzz bzz bzz sound, with the 5th beat being a silent space. This is quite a low deep sound which increases in pitch as it moves closer to the surface of the earth.

There are many major and minor portals, with more and more being activated every day.

These portals are interconnected through clusters of 12 pointed stars. Each star connects to several others. Our planet earth is changing from having a series of flat surface spheres that grid the earth to a series of 12 pointed interconnected stars that create a 'solid' sphere through all space frequencies in the earth.

As each of these points is activated it creates a vibrational field, also known as the vibrational pulse, that activates the connecting spherical stars. Lightworkers and gridkeepers etc are called to reactivate and ground these into the new vibrational grid point; connected to the wave points. or wave 'exit the earth' portal points. These are the energetic moving gridlines that emanate from the heart of Gaia.

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