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New Earth-New Time!

Dear friends of Inner Sanctum,

To all our wonderful regular readers and anyone who is joining our community for the first time - a very warm welcome!

We are moving through incredible change in our world. Over this month we are experiencing many influxes of light codes to upgrade and assist our physical bodies in preparation for our new earth. We are not leaving the planet, as some have believed, but are having a dimensional shift and the planet is moving further into the photonic belt and closer to the galactic centre.

There are many different effects this may be having on you and your body. For many, this may feel like a compression or pressure in the body. Essentially, we are purging, clearing, and releasing density from our cells. This may be old memories, trauma, and other aspects that are ready to be released. This then creates space in the body to absorb and hold more light, which is then alchemised and transformed to enable you to move to a higher frequency.

This is a process that has been ongoing over several years but is experiencing an accelerated affect now and we are likely to experience a massive influx on or around the 21st of December. This date celebrates the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees in Aquarius. Many astrologers believe that this is the cosmic event that heralds in our new age. This is a match with the Australian Aboriginal prophecy from Uluru and certainly aligns with what Gaia has been showing me. If you would like to know more about what is going on overall, head to my Facebook page to check out more videos.

Right now, the VIDEO BELOW will help you understand the energies of today.

To take good care of you and your loved ones, be well hydrated and spend time in nature so that you can be grounded and connected into our earth. Eat good nutritious food, organic where possible and avoid toxins in your diet. Release any fear or worry about what is occurring and place your focus on being present and finding joy in each moment. This will enable you to hold your vibration high, which will assist your movement through this time. If you feel to sleep or rest, do so when you are able. Please listen carefully to the signals your body gives you regarding what it needs at this time.

Below is a powerful meditation channelled from Gaia to help you bring in these light codes and process them through your body in connection with Lady Gaia and the earth and God and the heavenly realms of creation.

You can find out more about this time by watching my YouTube channel - hit the button below and please subscribe for notifications on future content!

Enjoy this most recent FREE Guided Meditation - Gaia Golden Light. Thank you to those who have given such beautiful feedback about how this meditation is supporting them.

Wishing you a beautiful transition to our new earth and a wonderful holiday!

I will be closed on and off throughout December and January, so check the booking calendar on the website if you are needing support or want to book a session to get some guidance and direction through this challenging time. The button below links you to the booking page!

Merry Christmas

Recently Gaia gave me information about the re-activation of the pyramids in our world. If you would like to view the video about that you can find it here.

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