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Lady Gaia on what's happenning now!

There is so much to share and pass on from the lips of Lady Gaia.

Firstly a recap. Earlier this year, and in an earlier blog Gaia informed that the tide would turn on the full moon in March. She had also expressed that the first few months of this year there would be much surface rumbling and shaking in the way of earthquakes, volcanoes and strong winds. These were related to clearing and she indicated that they would not be having devastating effects on humanity during this time. See my last two blogs for more detail; "Rats and Mice and Gnomes", and "Gaia Says The Tide Is Turning."

Further to that she has given information about new codes and templates coming to the earth, specifically in the flora and fauna of our world. There are code packets also for the land: for nature, trees, plants, flowers and the soil. The fairies are to distribute and activate these codes and the gnomes with ground and anchor them.

The Tui birds are highly excited about some new berries that are coming; (back to the earth), these are yellow, the size of grapes and full of golden elixir that the Tuis say will assist their inter-dimensional flight.

She showed me there were light codes streaming up from the centre of the earth. These were in rainbow rays of refracted light and each ray was made of light packets. She showed these radiating out from her cave and they are written in numbers and light language. She described these as memory or remembering codes for the brain; that they impact the DNA, are catalysts for increased brain functionality; inner vision and cognitive connection to intuition and higher levels of consciousness related to knowledge, information and capability. Gaia says these code packets are also for pineal and pituitary gland activation.

These times we are going through now are in short cycles of changing energy that each individual will receive in the order which best serves them, that they may come into male/female balance; release shadow and lower consciousness; let go of old memories and cellular residue; patterning and conditioning, to then absorb and hold high frequency light. This may be photonic, rainbow, plasmic or violet transmuting light. This violet light has a strong presence around our planet at the moment and is holding the energy of change and upgrade for the new; for example the new templates.

Gaia "I am being like the conductor of a large orchestra at the moment. Many sections are playing at the same time, not always in sync or harmony but ultimately will come together in a resounding celebratory composition."

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