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How I Met Lady Gaia!

Introduction to my connection with Lady Gaia.

In 2015 I began as part of a daily ritual, diving down in my mind’s eye into the centre of the earth and connecting in energetically to this glowing ball of light. Ultimately this emerged as the cave of Lady Gaia and I began to see her very clearly. Overtime, I began to see all the details about her and the symbols and other aspects that I have painted in her portrait “The Temple of Lady Gaia”. This developed into a personal relationship with her that allowed me to connect in and feel her love and then to receive information from her in a variety of forms; including clairvoyantly and clairsentient. Nowadays I connect in with her daily and receive messages. Many of these I will pass on in my newsletter, in this blog or on my YouTube Channel.

During the development of this relationship, Gaia has given clear communication about the process which the earth is experiencing in its evolution and that what is happening to the planet as a being is also happening to each of us as individuals. This is the macrocosm and the microcosm in synchronized action. In the past few years, she has shown me a series of metaphorical nets that are ever decreasing in size; ranging from a fishing net to a fine stocking, being passed through planet earth on one level; and through our energetic body systems (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields). These nets are removing dross of an ever- decreasing size from our bodies and that of the planet; beginning at the gross level and ending at a cellular level. Other aspects she has demonstrated to me have included light forms, bubbles, and sonic waves; each with its own focus and until recently more focus of intent around the area of releasing and undoing the shadow, the negative, the density, the blocks. We must be cleared before we can receive and hold the upgrades of light and frequency.

She has also indicated to me about photonic light coming to the planet as well as rainbow light and has at times shown me repeated shapes that she has created to provide support to humanity. Some that have been released from the centre of the planet to rise beneath our feet and others that have been placed in the ethers around the planet, to assist humanity to cope with these strong energies coming to the earth. These energies have come to awaken humanity and the planet as we are heading to the 5th dimension.

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