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Gaia Speaks: The biggest tip to keep you safe during these earth upheavals!

"All will be well. We have many more earthquakes to come and we must just trust our own inner guidance and know that we will be where we are meant to be and that soon we will be aspecting much of this from a 5th dimensional perspective. We; humanity and the planet; are going through an upgrade. This requires some removing of old and some clearing, cleansing and bringing in the new. This will occur through a variety of different weather patterns. It is happenning in ongoing cycles and we are each on our own trajectory or time line."

Gaia showed me this beautiful image representing her in multiple duplication, with her beautiful wings unfolded and making quick quivering movements; like the wiri in a maori waiata a ringa. This movement was creating waves, which I could see, and she told me they were sonic waves; their purpose being to come up through the planet and through our bodies to integrate the photonic and rainbow light that has been coming to the planet from the outer planetary influences.

One of the most important behavior or pattern to keep you safe is to stay centred in the present moment. This is the best way to stay aligned with your inner guidance and intuition; with your higher wisdom and guidance teams. This is also the simplest way to avoid being pulled into fear and anxiety. It is also the reason I have been giving my subscribers practices for staying present.  If you would like to subscribe to my free weekly newsletter; THE MESSENGER, click here.

There are many headlines and news items designed to create fear and reinforce social and cultural programming; to keep us trapped and unable to connect to our inner guidance and higher aspects. If we stay in the moment; we will access our inner guidance and be shown where to be and what to do.  Remember, each of us is on our own time-line.  Trust that you and your family will be exactly where you are meant to be.

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